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Exercise Rehabilitation in Long Beach, San Pedro

Rehability provides exercise treatments that support and reinforce the therapies offer at our San Pedro and Long Beach locations. Many patients come to one of our clinics to benefit from therapies that improve their range and quality of motion after only a single session. Each rehabilitation method highlights a specific approach, so matching the right method to the patient’s pathology and personality is extremely important.

The right type of exercise will complement other therapies and support the maintenance of patient health, for example. This is critical for people who perform difficult, physical jobs that put a lot of daily strain on the joints and muscles.

Custom Fitness Programs

There are unique custom fitness programs offered to patients at Rehability. Exercises form a core part of every effective rehabilitation program. Transitioning from passive to active treatments is emphasized. We take a scientific view of movement, and we specialize in creating customized fitness programs to improve core strength and increase local function at the site of the injury. This can be experienced as a permanent decrease in the pain.

Additional benefits are gained by obtaining rehabilitation services from a certified professional with credentials from the Fellow of Applied Functional Science, or FAFS. This is the only office in San Pedro that provides programs from a clinician certified through this organization’s 40-week fellowship program.

Our clinic has over 20 years of experience serving working people with pain and injuries in the Long Beach and San Pedro areas. We welcome restaurant workers, hospitality workers, healthcare professionals, and anyone else to find out how we can relieve your pain and improve your health.

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