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Massage Services in Long Beach, San Pedro

Rehability's Long Beach and San Pedro staff includes professionals trained in scientifically tested forms of massage therapy treatments for rehabilitating pain and injuries. Treatments often manipulate the fascia, which is thin, like saran wrap. When it sticks together, it can constrain the motion in surrounding areas.

When the fascia is in a normal condition, it allows muscle groups to glide smoothly over one another. It is also capable of binding structures together.

Advanced Bodywork Therapies

The highly qualified bodywork therapists at Rehability clinic specialize in treating injured tissues. This is significantly different from general massage services offered in Long Beach or San Pedro. We have experienced therapists serving both of these locations.

Examples of advanced bodywork modalities include the following:

  • Graston technique: The Graston Technique, or GT, is an evidence-based therapy for the soft tissues. The practitioner uses instruments as well as skilled palpation to identify and address lesions in the soft tissues. These lesions cause secondary restrictions and pain. The combination of a highly trained manual therapist using specialty stainless-steel instruments is incredibly effective. These instruments have a unique design. The practitioner’s tools are capable of reaching layers and angles that would otherwise be inaccessible. Patients also receive the most appropriate support treatments, and this combination is effective at restoring pain-free motion and functionality to the injured areas. The tools also have a diagnostic application. Experienced GT clinicians use them to assess the kinetic chain by utilizing principles of regional interdependence.
  • Rolfing, or Structural Integration: Structural Integration is a specific type of therapy. It organizes the relationships of structures through intelligent manipulation of the fascia. Fascia surrounds single muscles, groups of muscles, organs, blood vessels, and nerves. It is continuous, which makes it possible to affect all of the articulating structures either directly or indirectly.
  • Receptor Tonus/Nimmo method: the Receptor-Tonus Technique is also known as the Nimmo technique in honor of the technique’s founder, Dr. Raymond Nimmo of Granbury, Texas. He developed a language for explaining principles of myofascial pain syndromes to the chiropractic community. His work was based on peer-reviewed scientific principles that explain how normal reflex arcs can change into patho-physiological reflex arcs. The analytical system Dr. Nimmo’s analytical system enabled practitioners to identify these vicious pain cycles and interrupt them using effective techniques.
Physical labor experts in the San Pedro and Long Beach areas often come to us in seek of relief from low back pain, neck pain, joint trauma, and work-related injuries. Relaxation is beneficial for the patient, but we can also use this opportunity to educate the person and give tools that help the person to remain pain-free over time.
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