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Long Beach and San Pedro Physical Rehab Services

Physical rehab treatments from Rehability consist of passive care, active care or a combination of both. Our two locations in San Pedro and Long Beach provide access for injured people in the surrounding areas. Rehabilitation and chiropractic therapies are a reliable combination for helping patients to feel better and enjoy active lives. Physical rehabilitation therapies are highly beneficial for people suffering from tension, insomnia, general pain, and discomfort. Daily activities can introduce stress into the body, and it tends to accumulate over time.

Patients benefit by obtaining treatments from a professional with level 3 certification from the American Chiropractic Rehabilitation Board, or ACRB®. This organization offers the highest standards of training and continuing education for chiropractors. Practitioners like Dr. Michael Majancsik make up 1% of chiropractors certified by this organization, and fewer than 1/3 of these top performers have achieved level 3 certification. This level shows that the provider has mastered the most advanced treatments and methods for helping patients to achieve optimal health.

Active Treatment

Active treatment services from Rehability specialists are effective at restoring function to injured areas. Activity during the treatment signals a more advanced recovery. Patients receiving only passive care are not required to participate, and this is fine for preparing the body to accept positive future change. However, passive care doesn’t actually change the underlying condition; this will require active rehabilitation to accomplish.

Our clinicians strive to get patients from a passive care program to an active care treatment plan as soon as possible. For example, a deep tissue treatment plan can provide relief from pain within one to three treatments; however, the underlying problem requires the person to move into active therapies. This will allow the treatment to create the desired changes in the body. We welcome the restauranteurs, hotel workers, drivers, and anyone else experiencing pain to our offices. Contact us today to start your journey to better health.

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