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Chiropractor in San Pedro and Long Beach

Rehability is a dedicated chiropractor space for people in need of pain relief. We are familiar with many of the problems faced by workers in the San Pedro and Long Beach area. You can be confident when you come into our office that you are in good hands. In fact, the term chiropractor simply means to treat with the hand. No drugs or surgical remedies are offered at our clinic.

We carefully track patient improvement in the traditional manner of the general practitioner. We offer expert services in neurology and dietary health; however, our approach to wellness is different from allopathic medical providers. The disorders of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems are treated directly in order to affect the patient’s general health indirectly. In other words, when the detrimental effects of the core problems are relieved, the person’s overall health improves.

Compassionate Chiropractic Services

Patients can expect to receive compassionate and experienced care when coming in for chiropractic services at Rehability. Many people work in difficult jobs in the areas around our two chiropractor offices. These working people will often present headaches, joint pain, low back pain, and neck pain from the harsh working conditions. We maintain an open invitation for workers and their family members to come in for a complete pain evaluation.

The type of chronic pain experienced by physical labor professionals also reflects the kinds of chronic pain that may appear in other fields of work. We also invite seasonal workers, hospitality providers, and more to find out how to maintain your health while performing difficult tasks over long periods of time. Our quality of care is extremely high because we strive to help working families to maintain their standard of living while also improving the daily quality of life, so contact us today.

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